end of tenancy cleaners

Who Are Your End of Tenancy Cleaners?

It is not uncommon to hear a person complaining end of tenancy cleaners have messed up a job forcing a repeat. You will definitely get a shoddy job done if you pick the wrong end of tenancy cleaners. This happens to lots of people who then end up having disputes with their landlords. In fact, the most of landlord-tenant clashes comes from the issues of end of tenancy cleaning.   In many cases like this, the tenant will have gone for the cheapest service available, only to find out that the cleaning service cannot live up their promise. How can you get the right end of tenancy cleaners for the job?

Word of mouth reputation

A professional cleaning service will build a reputation over time. If you ask the people at work or on sites like Facebook, you will hear a few names come up. If a cleaning service is being mentioned severally as a provider of good cleaning services, then you should consider using them too. The good thing about a referral is that the cleaning company will be willing to keep your goodwill by offering a reasonable price quote.

Do background checks

What is the reputation of the company on the web? There are review sites where you can look up any comments, complaints or rants against the company. If there are any complaints, has the cleaning service moved to resolve them?  If there is an overwhelming number of negative comments than positive ones, look elsewhere.


Due to the low entry requirements in the cleaning industry, there are a number of crooks who thrive on the demand for cheap services. They cut corners by hiring unskilled workers, mostly undocumented immigrants. They will also go for the cheapest low-quality cleaning materials and not bother to put proper equipment on the job.  Using such cleaning services often ends up in disaster.

It is important to look at the paperwork of the end of tenancy cleaners you intend to hire. Is the business licensed? Are they insured? This is also important to find out since any breakages and damages to the property will be your liability in case the cleaning company can’t pay.

Professional looking

How quickly are your inquiries attended to? Does your phone call gets picked up fast? How impressive are the staff and the offices? You should see people who look like they know what they are doing. The business should be conducted in the proper paperwork including a price quote and an invoice.

Getting the right end of tenancy cleaners is your best bet for a proper cleaning job and securing your tenancy deposit.