End of Tenancy Clean

Are You Making These End of Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes

End of tenancy cleaning disputes usually forms the majority of landlord-tenancy disputes. A landlord will rarely let an imperfect job slide by because it means that the unit will not attract potential clients as needed.

In most cases when the cleaning job is not up to standard, the tenant will have made some mistakes in arranging for the end of tenancy cleaning leading to a poorly done job. The landlord has a right to dispute an unsatisfactory job and will do it while the tenancy deposit is withheld. Which are these end of tenancy cleaning mistakes to watch out for?

Do-It-Yourself approach

It is understandable trying to keep your costs low when moving houses. But a DIY approach to the end of tenancy cleaning usually ends up in disaster. This is a demanding job that requires more manpower, equipment, and experience than your usual general cleaning.

Handling an end of tenancy cleaning job is better done by a professional cleaning service. Such a service will have the manpower, tools, and equipment to handle the job faster and more thoroughly. If the ceiling needs dusting there are cleaners experienced for such a job and the climbing equipment for it.

Failing to vet the cleaning service

There are many bogus cleaning services on the market today. Many of them will offer very low prices to lure customers in, but the cheapest cleaning service will be rarely the best. Such a cleaning service will cut corners by employing unskilled workers, hiring poor equipment and using sub-standard cleaning materials.

You should always vet a cleaning service before engaging it. Here is what you should look for:

  • Visible adequate manpower and equipment
  • Prompt response to your queries
  • Professional looking crew with clean uniforms and upbeat morale
  • Reasonable pricing. It shouldn’t be too low or too high from the standard

Failing to research the market

Some people make the mistake of engaging the first cheap cleaning service they come across in the classifieds. This can be limiting in contacting better cleaning services. You should compare several options in the market, preferably 3-5 cleaning companies and pick the one that passes your vetting.

A vague scope of work

Failing to give clear instructions to the end of cleaning service means that the cleaning crew work by what they think is right. They might use a task list that is not appropriate for your unit. Some tasks that you think should be on the list could be left out leading to an incomplete job. Always draw up a task list and give it to the cleaning service so that you are on the same page.