Creative Bioinformatics Consultants was founded in 2013 with a singular mission: to provide high-quality, user-specified bioinformatics expertise to academic laboratories, biotechnology companies, and other organizations that do not have the expertise or resources to perform the work “in-house.”

Creative Bioinformatics Consultants is servicing the need for investigator-driven, tailored, and project-specific bioinformatics expertise that is devoid of the pipeline processing common at larger bioinformatics companies.  Our network of consultants consists of bioinformatics experts from both academia and industry who contract with us on a freelance basis.

We will develop an appropriate team based on your specific project, who will then work with you closely to answer your specific scientific questions.  This model is quite different from most other bioinformatics companies you may come across, as we are 100% flexible with the analysis and will perform all work at your direction– think of it as hiring a few temporary post-docs.